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June 2020 Posts

Image: How to Handle the Influx of Negative Reviews

How to Handle the Influx of Negative Reviews

June 10, 2020

Everyone seems stressed out these days since COVID-19 has made life harder for just about everyone except for maybe cats and dogs. Your veterinary team might feel tired, overworked, and anxious as an essential worker during a health crisis. Your clients are stressed because their... Read More

Image: Dear Dr. Noah Lot,  It has been really tough to work in the clinic for the past few months. The team is exhausted! Does saying Thank You to my team even suffice anymore?
Image: The Power Of Using A Name

The Power Of Using A Name

June 10, 2020

No one really wants to be a client and bring in their precious pet. If they must visit you, they want to be ‘Jenny Miller’ or known by their pet’s name. Think about it, business can be impersonal enough without COVID. Add in no face-to-face contact and it becomes much more... Read More